Asia Demand Watch

Asia Demand Watch

The IMA Asia Demand Watch looks at the latest trends in specific consumer and industrial sectors across Asia. A synopsis of some of the key insights from the latest report is available here – ASEAN Demand Watch – Industry.

The report combines insights from three sources:

  • Interviews with IMA Asia Forum members
  • A summary of relevant news
  • Trends and macro data observations


Intercedent Asia, IMA Asia’s research sister firm, produces the Asia Demand Watch and joins the IMA China team in carrying out the interviews with Forum members in Southeast Asia. We’ve asked the team to look beyond the normal consumer demand indicators.  In the report  we highlight useful insights from the press and various consultancies.

IMA Asia members can download a full copy of the latest Asia Demand Watch report by logging in to the Members Area and selecting Asia Demand Watch. The Asia Demand Watch is available to IMA members only. Enquire about peer group membership to receive the periodic Asia Demand Watch and join the discussions of Forum members.


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