Strategy 22 June

Market Transformation: Strategies for Tapping Asia’s Newest Growth Driver

Asia CEO Forum members recently discussed how innovation and new business models are recasting entire industries and helping companies reach new segments of consumers. Entrepreneurs across Asia have capitalised on […]


Strategy 6 June

China’s Digital Transformation: New Solutions Are on the Horizon

The internet ecosystem that has flourished behind China’s firewall is populated by a mini-universe of consumer applications suited to the cultural and language preferences of Chinese users. At a recent […]


Market 25 May

The Rise of Xi Jinping & his OBOR Initiative

How Asia will work from 2018 onwards was partly on show in May at the One Belt, One Road or “OBOR” meeting in Beijing. Chinese media set a new benchmark […]


Strategy 24 May

Moving into China’s New Sweet Spot: The Mid-Market

With China’s mid-range segment growing faster than the upper or lower ends of the markets, a focus on the ‘sweet spot’ of the mid-tier segment – where quality, elevated pricing, […]


Market 4 May

Is Digital Marketing in China Replacing the Sales Team?

China’s unique digital environment, combined with its considerable market size and large base of early adopters, present a strong case for giving more autonomy to local marketing teams. The Great […]


Strategy 18 April

Charting Strategy in the New, New China    

For years, economic growth has consistently surpassed Chinese government predictions but this time is likely to be different.   At a recent China CEO Forum meeting we were joined by […]


Strategy 13 April

The Yuan: A Leaky Balloon    

The question on the minds of China CFOs is how much further the yuan will depreciate against the US dollar?  After a decade of gains the picture is starkly different […]


Market 11 April

Consumers Underpin Asia’s Growth; Policy & Capex Set the Speed Limit

Over recent decades, Asia’s growth has increasingly been defined by domestic demand, particularly from consumers. Consumers now dominate in Asia’s growth outlook, but the story varies enormously by country. Japan […]


Market 22 March

A Global Recovery… but Rising Geopolitical Risk in Asia

Many indicators suggest that the global economy entered a broad upturn in the last quarter of 2016. If it runs through mid-2017, it will be the best upturn since global […]


Market 21 February

China’s Mixed Outlook

While demographics play a major role in China’s slowdown, so too do policies to rebalance the economy toward growth driven by consumers, services, and higher value-added industries. Rebalancing is essential […]