What Next for China’s Housing Sector?

We are pleased to invite you to join us for a special online session on China’s housing sector on Tuesday, February 21st, from 8:00 -9:00 am. The original session was postponed from a mid-December date in 2022.

China has by far the biggest construction market in the world led by a housing sector that accounts for 20-25% of GDP once all related goods and services are included.  The collapse in new housing has not only cut GDP growth but also threatens a crisis that could sweep across local governments, financial institutions, households, and many industries.   Even if a crisis is avoided this central driver of China’s growth faces an enormous realignment.

We will be joined by Rosealea Yao, from Gavekal Dragonomics.  For over a decade she has been one of the leading and most quoted commentators on the subject. She will speak about the evolution of housing demand in China, its broader impact on the economy, and how the current real estate crisis and early signs of policy easing are likely to evolve.

To find out more details or register, please contact service@imaasia.com.cn


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