What Comes Next with Generative AI?

With chatbots going viral, generative AI (GAI), which sounded geeky not too long ago, has penetrated into everyday life at an unprecedented rate. A significant milestone has been hit, so what’s ahead?

Although it might be early for many of us to approach GAI in the commercial sense, it’s crucial to start a conversation with experienced AI leaders about the potential impact of this technology. Join us on Thursday, May 11th from 8:00 – 9:30 am at St. Regis JingAn for a breakfast session. Together with Scott Sun, Partner at Deloitte Consulting, we’ll discuss the nature, strengths, limitations, and applications of GAI.

During this high-level discussion, we’ll also explore how GAI is trending globally and in China, and how it will impact industries, labor divisions, human capital structures, and business management in the future.

Scott focuses on Big data, BI, AI, digital transformation, and decision intelligence, and has 20 years of experience in AI/Data Science, and is recognized as a technology leader in China’s big data industry.

Register to join the conversation in-person or online via Zoom at service@imaasia.com.cn


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