The Implications of COVID-19 for the Healthcare Sector and for Us

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented disruption in our businesses, the economy and our daily lives. The speed at which events continue to evolve is unparalleled, the public health crisis, response of governments, changes to our daily lives and its implications for our respective economies. The healthcare sector is facing unprecedented challenges and constraints on operations to deal with increased demand and pressed capacity.

On March 5, Claudia Suessmuth Dyckerhoff – a board member with Roche and Clariant and a member of our Forum Advisory Board — will lead a discussion on the implications of COVID-19 for the healthcare sector. She will begin a brief overview of the medical situation around the virus and its mutations, the different types of vaccines and treatments that currently are – or look likely to be –available. Building on this foundation, she will discuss the implications for the healthcare system and companies.

In addition, Bruno HosteletCEO of Health Cell Technologies, a biotech specialising in decontamination of indoor areas related to bacteria and viruses like Covid, will share his views, together with other Forum members.

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