Sustainability: Adapting to the Demands of Regulators, Investors and Consumers in ASEAN

25 October - 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Singapore, Four Seasons Hotel, Windows East Room, 20th Floor (via guests' lift), 190 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 248646
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There has been a lot of talk recently regarding the purpose of companies: what they are for and how they need to change as a result of increasing pressure from employees, customers and communities on issues such as climate change, the environment and gender equality. Rapid technological advancement and digital disruption is also requiring companies to overhaul their operations and to think of radically new ways of doing business.

As an Asia Management Forum member commented in last month’s open-agenda catch-up: “Everyone is doing transformation but no-one knows what to transform into.”

On 25 October, we’ll gather to discuss how some businesses are shifting from a pure focus on shareholder profitability, to an agenda that serves customers, staff, suppliers and communities too – as announced by The Business Roundtable in August when 180 CEOs pledged to lead their companies in this manner. We’ll consider the changing needs and wants of stakeholders in Asia in an era of growing populism and nationalism, digital disruption, rising inequality, heightened anxiety about the environment, and examine how multinational corporations in the region can respond to these challenges.

Joining us to kick off the discussion are:

Chair: Fraser Thompson, co-Founder and Director of AlphaBeta Advisors, a strategy advisory business that partners with clients across Australia and Asia from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. AlphaBeta works to identify the forces shaping their markets and develops practical plans to develop prosperity and well-being.

Speaker: Steve Okun, CEO, APAC Advisors & ASEAN Representative, Emerging Markets Private Equity Association. A leader on public affairs, sustainability and business and government engagement in Asia Pacific, Steve has created and led public affairs in Asia for both global investment firm KKR and global logistics firm UPS. He also chairs and governs multiple chambers and associations. His expertise encompasses business, government, environmental, social and governance issues, media and NGOs.

We’ll also be hosting two Forum members who will be sharing their own experiences in how they have responded to the forces that are changing business today in the region.


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