Supply Chain Finance in China: Will Blockchain Help?

14 January - 8:00 am - 10:00 am
China CFO Forum - Shanghai, Boardroom Capella Shanghai Jian Ye Li , 480 West Jianguo Road Xuhui District
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Our kick-off for the China CFO Forum in 2019 aims to tackle the practice of supply chain finance and its disruption by new blockchain technologies. Ironically, companies have been building leading-edge 21st-century digital commerce operations that still require 100+ year old finance practices such as promissory notes and letters of credit. Ripe for disruption, blockchain technologies are being rolled out tackling pain points related to security, fraud prevention and offering an opportunity to provide deep-tier financing for suppliers further up the supply chain.

It’s a pleasure to announce Alvin Ho from Ant Financial as the lead speaker for this session. Alvin is a seasoned finance executive in the Fintech space, having worked in cash management, trade finance and digital solution roll-outs for Standard Chartered for most of this decade and later on with Dianrong, China’s largest peer-to-peer lending platform. Now as the senior representative of Ant Financial, we are delighted to have Alvin’s deep finance and tech expertise in the room to trigger the discussion on this topic.


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