Streamlining and Segmenting in a Competitive Market

18 April - 8:00 am - 10:00 am
China Management Forum - Shanghai, Capella Jian Ye Li Hotel, 480 West Jian Guo Road, Xuhui District
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At this session, we will discuss segmentation capabilities as a competitive edge for MNCs in the China market. MNCs are streamlining customer-facing sales, third-party distributors and marketing teams to reflect segmented product lines.

China’s increasingly sophisticated customers and scale of the market make segmentation an essential exercise in strategy. Companies need to take a multipronged approach to this new environment. We’ve heard from members that shifting focus from mid-towards higher tier products is a strategy that facilitates the move towards sustainable profitability.

Implementing a segmentation strategy requires re-alignment in positioning & messaging (both internal & external) and sales & marketing investments per segment. This is a highly interactive peer-driven discussion over breakfast with corporate strategies and P & L owners to foster shared learnings and experiences.


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