Singapore Overnight, 19-20 May

Join us along with your fellow Asia CEO peers for our flagship event – The Singapore Overnight – which will be virtual this year, given the continuing restrictions on travel and assembly. Topics are as follows (sessions are based on Singapore time)

Session 1: Organising for Asia Pacific: How Much Will the Pandemic Change
Wednesday 19 May
Cocktails from 5.30pm; Session from 6.00-7.30pm

Structure is a medium-term issue that can help companies solve problems and capture opportunities, and COVID-19 created a lot of both. At the global level big changes are underway, from defining a new balance for home/office work to more widely-dispersed teams and smaller central offices. E-business has also surged, and companies are rethinking how they interface with suppliers and customers.  Meanwhile, manufacturers are rethinking not just their supply chains but also product complexity and the potential for vertical integration.  As always, the challenge in Asia is how to respond to these trends in a region that is fragmented and extremely diverse.  We’ll ask several forum members to open the debate by describing the changes they are making before drawing everyone into a debate on the critical success factors for post-pandemic restructuring in Asia.

Session 2: Coping with Hyper Sensitivities, Growing Nationalism, & Local Competitors
Thursday 20 May, 9.00-10.30am

Rising nationalism, fuelled by geopolitical spats and the rapid spread of social media,  poses growing risks for international companies. They have come under pressure from their employees, customers and governments to take sides on sensitive issues; a misstep could threaten their viability in a market.  All this while they face greater competition from local competitors eager to seize their market share.  Business success in Asia today depends on quickly spotting, assessing, and responding to these trends.  In this session, we’ll hear how Forum members have responded to the challenge and explore how MNCs in Asia Pacific can build the public affairs, employee communications, and marketing strategies to prepare for, and respond to, such crises.

IMA Asia CEO members can register by emailing We will send you the meeting links upon receiving your registration.


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