Q3 Asia Forecast Update Plus Thailand Review

Join us for a comprehensive review and debate on Asia’s outlook with a focus on Thailand for 2020.

The 2020 Challenge:  Realigning Strategies by Richard Martin

2020 won’t be an easy year for rolling forward on strategy. Global growth will be weaker with governments and central banks struggling to cushion downturns. Nationalist trade and industry policies are likely to be prominent.  Many manufacturers will be repositioning supply chains and consolidating production. Strategies at the global, regional and country level will need to adapt. We’ll outline the major political, policy and economic forces expected to drive strategy realignment before opening the session up to Q&A.

Thailand:  Better Business in 2020?

Thailand’s large industrial base and broad consumer market could provide good growth opportunities. That is provided there’s political stability, reasonably good policy, and a revival in investment by local and foreign firms. For our Thai update at Q3, we’ll be joined by Jay Harriman, Acting Managing Director of BowerGroupAsia to examine these issues.

In addition, Jay will provide background on the key players in PM Prayut’s new government and their goals. He’ll wrap up his opening comments with an update on the Eastern Economic Corridor project, and an assessment on whether it’s winning the investment needed to underpin stronger Thai growth.


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