Q2 Asia Forecast Update

Visibility ahead has been terrible this year, yet with much of the world easing lockdowns, a transition is about to start. Our June forecast update will focus on the key characteristics of this transition for corporate planning and, as all transitions have an end point, we’ll suggest what the “next normal” may look like in each country.

The transition is likely to run for several years. COVID-19 will remain an issue, while an economic crisis is likely to roll over global markets. Weak demand, difficult operating conditions, and rapid competitive shifts will need to be managed. In our debate, we’ll focus on the strategies that are likely to work best as each country moves through the transition.

From 2022, a new but subdued phase of global growth is expected to start. We’ll give equal time to outlining what that may look like, as strategy during the transition will depend on estimating longer term market potential. Many think the next phase of global growth will be tougher for companies, with a toxic combination of massive debt, weaker demand, and rising nationalism. Even though much of Asia generally does well, this will be a more challenging environment. We’ll provide our view on which countries are likely to rise to this challenge and which may flop.

We are aware of the problems of forecasting in such uncertain times, so our goal will be outlining a few basic propositions and suggesting some of the key turning points that may trigger adjustments to plans.

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