Q2 Asia Forecast Update Plus Indonesia Overview

Our June 14 Asia Forecast update for the Asia CEO Forum will include a session on Indonesia’s post-election outlook with Doug Ramage from Jakarta.

Doug heads BowerGroupAsia’s Indonesian operation and has worked there for 25 years. He attends Jim Castle’s Indonesia Forum sessions (our local CEO Forum associate), and sometimes chairs meetings there when Jim is travelling. He uses his extensive knowledge of local politics and bureaucracy to guide companies through the Indonesian maze. His prior sessions with us have been outstanding.

The Indonesia outlook matches our 2019 Asia forecasting theme. At Q1, I argued that Asian markets were likely to divide on two characteristics in 2019: the strength of local demand and their capacity to contain risks.

Before Doug’s session, I’ll review that Q1 optimism in the wake of a string of big elections, sliding global growth indicators, and a deterioration in US-China relations. That will lead into a debate on the potential to realign strategy to changing demand patterns and the fallout from the US-China dispute.

If you are reading the global press, you’ll know that the challenges are growing as global growth weakens and geopolitical tensions rise. June 14 is a good opportunity to compare insights into how to manage such challenges. I’d urge you to join us.


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