Q1 China Forecast Update

Please join us for the Q1 China Forecast on China in 2023: A Market in Transition with Richard Martin, Managing Director, IMA Asia.

COVID-19 both masked and accentuated a painful transition underway in China’s market.  At its core, the transition involves real estate, local government finances, and China’s massive pool of household savings.  It is a multi-year process that will affect every part of China’s economy, every firm, and every household.  All countries face such a transition at some point; some take 25 years to get through it, some fall into a financial crisis, and some never get to the other side.  In our Q1 update, we’ll outline China’s plan for the transition, estimate progress across key sectors of the economy, and assess the likely impact on growth this year as well as the 5-year horizon.  In our discussion, we’ll look at the role and opportunities for MNCs in the transition.

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