Q1 Asia Forecast Update

25 March - 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Asia CEO Forum - Shanghai, Kee Club, No. 796 Middle Huai Hai Road, Shanghai
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The overall thrust in Q1 is how to set strategy in a more challenging environment (after a broad rebound in 2017 and 2018). What messages do we sent to HQ and to the team? Where should firms lift and trim spending? Should budgets be aggressive or defensive?

Aligning Strategy with Asia’s Local Demand Drivers in 2019

With global growth slowing, our March forecast update will explore local demand’s role in sustaining Asia’s growth in 2019. We’ll also examine the impact of key elections, the US-China trade spat, and the slowdown in China. These trends point to a more complex environment in which strategy will have to be adapted to drive growth.

You can view a synopsis of our latest forecast by clicking here.  The latest IMA Asia Pacific Executive Brief is available in the Member’s Area.  Members will need to log in to view and download the Brief.


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