New Distribution Models in Digital China

28 May - 8:00 am - 10:00 am
China CEO Forum - Shanghai, VIP II, 3rd Floor Four Seasons Hotel, 500 Weihai Road, Shanghai
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Digitalisation has radically changed China’s B2C distribution in the past five years. The intensely fast, transparent and precise delivery of goods to consumers are a benchmark for the world. Conversely, B2B customers are still left in the dark as to when orders are dispatched and goods to be delivered. Manufacturers often rely on distributors to know their customers’ needs and buying behaviours. A host of newly emerged digital technologies and capabilities force B2B companies to reassess how to service and sell to larger sets of customers. And yet it’s still early days when it comes to being able to fully harness these tools to boost demand, enhance service levels, optimise fulfilment and streamline supply chains in China.

Helping us to kick-off this discussion is Thomas Luedi, Partner, Bain & Company with two decades of regional consulting experience focused on helping clients in chemicals, energy and resource sectors on strategy, M & A and transformation. Together with Thomas and CEO Forum members in the room, we’ll aim to identify the latest innovations by both local and MNC companies and identify the latest developments that are digitalising and shaping supply chains in China.


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