Navigating Through a Turbulent Year in China and Asia

*All timing GMT+8

The past two months in China have been unexpectedly testing for businesses, employees, and leaders. June is expected to be another critical month which may indicate how the year will likely end for firms.

Joining us to discuss a wide range of questions relevant to how MNCs manage the business in China and Asia during such a turbulent time will be Dr. Michael Taylor, Managing Director & Chief Credit Officer of Moody’s in Asia Pacific. We’ll discuss monetary policy, inflation, geopolitics, and the China, APAC & global outlook for 2022.

Michael joined Moody’s after a distinguished career in several leading central banks and international financial institutions, including roles at the Bank of England, the IMF, — where as Resident Representative, he was closely involved in the resolution of the Indonesian financial crisis in the late 1990s — and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority as Head of Banking Policy. He has also had a distinguished academic career and has published widely on financial stability and financial regulation and given seminars and lectures at Oxford University, Harvard Law School, Columbia University, and The University of Hong Kong.

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