McDonald’s Learning Tour & Monthly Catchup with Social Dinner

In the same week as the IMA Q4 China Forecast, we have planned a new format for November’s CFO Forum open-agenda catch-up, which includes a tour of an IMA member’s office, best practice sharing from a fellow CFO & team, and our monthly peer group sharing. Following is a social dinner.

Join us from 2.30 – 8.00pm on Friday, Nov 18th at the newly opened sustainability-focused McDonald’s China HQ Tower, 2121 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District. Dinner following is nearby at Lyceum Shanghainese Cuisine.

A special thanks to Aaron (fellow CFO) and McDonalds’ team’s support. They’ll provide a quick tour of McDonald’s HQ offices and host an interactive session on McDonald’s best practices sharing on business digitalization management.

Due to the covid situation, there are limited seats available, so sign-up quickly!


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