Managing the Next Wave of Outbound Chinese Competitors

*All timing GMT+8. 

Chinese companies have been competing with MNCs in the rest of Asia and globally for years. However, their approach was often opportunistic and not always backed by investment in market development and support activities. Further, they competed mostly with the mass-market brands of MNCs rather than premium ones, with the highest margins. As the quality gap between them narrows, and Chinese companies become more serious about global markets, MNCs will face increasingly tough competition from them across the board. As China’s economy shifts to a lower growth trajectory, more Chinese companies will look to overseas markets, intensifying the competition further.

In the first session of 2023, we will explore how serious the threat of Chinese companies across various sectors is, whether there are any sources of sustainable advantage for MNCs, and how they adjust their strategies – from products to positioning and pricing – to this reality.

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