Managing the Fallout from US-China Rivalry

28 July - 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Asia CEO Forum - Singapore, Zoom video conference
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Growing rivalry between the US and China will shape the global economy and markets over the next decade. The impact will spill over to most countries, particularly in east Asia, and to most companies, even those that do little cross-border business. Managing the fallout will be as important, as it will be messy. A good starting point will be an assessment of the political drivers and the policy outlook.

We’ve asked Frank Lavin to join us again. Frank was Undersecretary for International Trade at the US Department of Commerce over 2005-2007 and was the lead trade negotiator for trade deals with China and India. He was also the US Ambassador to Singapore over 2001-05 and helped negotiate the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Since leaving the public sector, he has worked on connecting the businesses in US and China.

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