Unlocking Chinese Innovation & Speed-to-Market

4 September - 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Shanghai, Grand Salon, 2F Pudong Four Seasons, 210 Century Avenue, Pudong
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High up the agenda of our member companies is the question of how to inject ‘China speed’ into the innovative capacity of their global operations and more effectively deliver on their value propositions to local clients, partners and stakeholders. This session will explore how MNCs unlock the creative resourcefulness of their China teams with members chiming in to exchange stories and insights about team empowerment and fit-for-market innovation.

Kicking off this discussion are Dr Sasa Saricand Philipp Baumannfrom ECube, a boutique change management firm, with a framework on harnessing innovation through accelerated team collaboration, followed by Thilo Koeppe, Managing Director, North Asiaof HUBER+SUHNERwho will share his story and journey of his China team towards higher performance and innovation.


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