Leadership Disrupted: How Asia/Pac CEOs are Dealing with Disruption

Asia business is entering a period of rapid change. Digitally powered strategies backed by massive funds and a willingness to break rules is disrupting markets long accustomed to gradual evolution. That’s forcing companies to reconsider all aspects of their business models, including the teams they build and the leaders that run them. At the same time, a younger generation of professionals is entering the workforce and wants a different style of engagement with companies.

Mark Braithwaite, a Singapore member of the Asia CEO Forum and regional CEO for Odgers Berndtson, spent much of 2018 interviewing Asia CEOs about how to respond to respond to these trends in strategy, team building, and leadership. In an opening 20-minute presentation, Mark will outline the path firms are taking in changing the mindset in their company and then changing the skill set. The Asia CEO Forum supported this project and many Forum members took part, so we expect Mark’s remarks will lead into a vigorous debate.


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