Issues & Trends Likely to Define the Next 12 Months and Beyond

Gary Liu, CEO, South China Morning Post will begin by discussing timely topics that will include:

  • President Biden’s first meeting with President Xi – when, where, how. This will set the tone for the coming years, and could be our first look at the bilateral approach from both countries.
  • The CCP’s 100th anniversary. This will be one of the most watched events in recent Chinese history. Xi is expected to describe his vision for the party’s future, which can/will be read as his framing of his legacy. The Two Sessions in March also will be viewed through this lens.
  • The taming of big tech. This will be a recurring theme throughout the year, and will continue to create significant ripples in China, regionally and globally.

Gary has been a knowledgeable and engaging contributor to earlier Forum sessions on a variety of topics. Prior to joining the SCMP four years ago, Gary was a CEO of Digg, spearheading the New York startup’s transformation from aggregator to a data-driven news platform. He also was Head of Labs at Spotify, and has worked at AOL and Google.

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