How Will Technological Disruption Play Out in Asia?

10 October - 8:30 am - 10:30 am
Hong Kong, The Excelsior Hotel, 281 Gloucester Road Causeway Bay
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Disruptive Technology and Disruptive Innovation has been characterised as a threat to everything from companies to countries. Overshooting the market can open the way for disruptive technologies that are cheaper and simpler to take root. Yet through that disruption can come improved quality of life. It also can open opportunities for institutions that can disrupt rather than be disputed.

At our IMA Asia CEO Forum breakfast meeting on Wednesday, October 10 at The Excelsior Hong Kon we will discuss what can companies do to respond to the threats and take advantage of the opportunities related to disruptive technology and innovation. To lead our discussion, we are delighted to have Karen Reddington, President, Asia Pacific, at FedEx; Leonie Valentine, Managing Director, Google Hong Kong; and Yam Ki Chan, Head of Cloud Public Policy, Asia Pacific, Google.

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