How HQs & Washington Approach the China Market with the War in Ukraine

*All timing GMT+8

2022 is proving an eventful year for both China and the US. Strategists are drawing a lesson from Germany’s awkward reliance on Russian energy, and in meeting rooms across the world, there are discussions on how the US, the largest economy in the world, should avoid a similar situation with China, the largest manufacturer in the world.

The topic might be provocative for China CEOs, but understanding the current sentiment on the China topic at HQ and in DC has never been more challenging and critical.

Join us for a conversation and debate with James McGregor, chairman of APCO Greater China and a member of our China CEO Forum, who share his perspective from his latest conversations at HQs and on Capitol Hill. James is also the former CEO of Dow Jones & Company in China and Wall Street Journal bureau chief in China and Taiwan.

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