Holding on to Your Top Performers

21 January - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
China Management Forum - Shanghai, Drawing Room II, Podium level II Grand Hyatt Shanghai Jin Mao Tower, 88 Century Avenue Pudong
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There are plenty of interpretations of what is a top performer – they could be agents of change, great players in a dream team, top earners for the bottom-line, or delivering functional excellence like no other. Moreover, this discussion cannot be held with disregard for the network and operating environment they are in.

Two commentators will kick-start the lunch conversation before we go around the table for cross-sector/cross-functional perspectives.

Annabel Lin, VP of Sales, Google China has been in various senior management roles within Google for the past 12 years. As head of sales in China, Annabel’s team is helping Chinese brands go global. Annabel will provide a glimpse into Google’s innovation culture and talk about holding on to top performers ties back to the hiring strategy.

Christian Kuhna, Director of Innovation, APAC, Artgym, a London-based change leadership agency. Prior to relocating to Shanghai in 2017, Christian worked for two decades in various HQ roles as a communications, HR and strategy professional for the adidas Group, Siemens and DaimlerChrysler.


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