Fitting new technologies into Asia strategy: AI, Big Data and Blockchain

Digitisation and having greater visibility over your business and greater knowledge of your customer is key to improving the health and efficiency of your business. However, once you have all of this information and all of this data, what should you do with it? For many companies, it can be tempting to integrate the new technologies such as AI, big data and blockchain merely in response to the relentless hype around them. To quote Leonid Bershidsky in THIS Bloomberg Quint article: “For business executives, saying you haven’t deployed AI yet is like admitting to your high school classmates that you’re still a virgin.”

However, integrating these innovative tools without a strong focus on how they can generate cash flow, which pain points they will be resolving, or when more analogue solutions suffice are some of the common mistakes we make. Come and join us at our Asia Management Forum in April to discuss how to approach the implementation of new technologies into your business strategy. Helping to open the discussion, our two confirmed speakers are:

  • Hirotaka Ishizaka, Department Head, Coordination Department, Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Marcus Pang, VP, SEAsia and Korea, Executive Programs, Gartner


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