China’s Demographic Trends & Implications on Future Growth

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Asia’s challenge for MNCs is the outcome of having two billion plus populations bracketing the region. This wasn’t an issue while China and India were poor. As China’s growth and wealth surged over the last 20 years, it became an issue. India’s rise is now underway and just like China, its population demands unique products and services.

In our July sessions with Clint Laurent, Founder and Managing Director of Global Demographics, we’ll look at the likely scale of these two markets over the next 25 years. The demographic trends show that unlike other emerging markets these two giants will justify unique but quite different product strategies. That, by itself, is a challenge but so too is working out the value and needs of other emerging markets, particularly ASEAN.

Clint is one of the world’s leading demographers and has covered Asia from Hong Kong since the early 1980s. His firm covers over 100 markets around the world, providing a base for comparative analysis, which is central to evaluating market opportunities.


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