China-US Decoupling: Rewriting the Rules of Global Business

17 July - 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Asia CEO Forum, Zoom Session
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Globalisation isn’t so much dying as having its ground rules rewritten. That process has been underway since the last WTO round failed in 2008, and has recently come to a head with the US-China trade war, particularly in semiconductors. How this war plays out will have implications for the industrial strategies of most countries in east Asia. It may also establish new procedures and rules that will eventually apply in many industries, including services. We’ve asked Alex Capri to join us as our opening commentator, as he has just written a 90-page report on the battle over semiconductor value-chains. Alex has joined our sessions for several years and brings 25+ years of experience in trade policy to the debate. He’ll briefly outline his views on the semiconductor battle before we open a debate over how much our businesses will need to change in the face of rising economic nationalism.



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