China Demographics – Zoom Call with Dr. Clint Laurent

Dr. Clint Laurent is a global thought leader in demographic analysis who has been briefing IMA members every 18-24 months. His sessions have always been popular as demographics form a crucial aspect in understanding the underlying fundamentals of China’s mid-to-long-term growth trajectory.

 This time, Clint will call in from the UK and we’ll consider the end of quantitative growth for China’s working-age population, as well as the dominant consumer segments which has implications for GDP and consumer spending, respectively. In addition, what is the potential impact on health and other social services? How has Covid-19 impacted household incomes? Moreover, Clint will comment on the implications of the three-child policy on likely birth trends and what drives them. Finally, Clint will drill into the growing demographic and socio-economic differentials between provinces.


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