China Demographics: Can Household Incomes be Doubled?

The take-off in China’s consumer market since 2000 has been stunning.  It also poses one of the biggest questions in the global outlook:  how much wealthier can China get?  Many argue that China’s financial and political systems can’t sustain continued strong growth and that a “middle income trap” will soon halt China’s consumer surge.   While these are important arguments it is critical to start with the demographic outlook, as that remains the single most important factor in the rise of China and its consumers.

Clint Laurent has been a recognised global leader for China demographic analysis for 40 years.  He’ll open this session with a country-level answer to China’s growth challenge before breaking out the provinces to show key variations.  Apart from the numbers, Clint’s work have been remarkably powerful in pointing to changes in the tastes and preferences of China’s consumers. In this session, he’ll also touch on the role that demographics plays in determining market risk.  As always, this is a session not to miss.


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