ad-hoc lunch with Dinny McMahon, Paulson Institute

26 April - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
China CFO Forum - Shanghai, WeWork, Mandela Room 3F, 1277 Beijing Xi Lu
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Beijing has been pushing banks to lend more to small firms, seemingly to counter the fallout from a contraction in shadow banking. However, the sources of financial stress at China’s small and private firms are far more complex. Next Friday, we’ll take another look beyond consensus views at what’s going on.

Dinny will also comment on the challenges that face the bank clean-up. Over the last couple of years, China’s banks have managed to accelerate their pace of bad loan disposals.

Dinny McMahon is a Fellow at MacroPolo, a program of the Paulson Institute. He was a Kissinger Institute Fellow from 2015-2016. Prior to his Wilson Center residency, he was a journalist with the Wall Street Journal in Beijing.


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