B2B Distribution Models in China’s Digital World

5 December - 8:00 am - 10:00 am
China Management Forum - Shanghai, Four Seasons Pudong, 210 Century Avenue, Pudong
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We’ve seen digitalisation radically change media, entertainment and retail which had implications on how we communicate with our stakeholders to leverage digital platforms. Now we’re at the advent of disruption in B2B sectors. It’s not one technology that’s leading the charge. Instead, you can see this as a combination of e-commerce, pervasive sensing, IoT platforms, machine learning, the blockchain, and other technologies that are forcing B2B/industrial firms to reassess how they sell and service their products.

We will be joined by Erik Walenza, the CEO of IoT ONE, the Chair of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Smart Factory Task Group (SFTG). IoT ONE is a valuable platform and source of information and insight regarding Industrial Internet of Things vendors and technologies. Erik will be co-chairing the discussion with IMA to explore how B2B companies are leveraging technologies to improve efficiency, such as through route optimisation, remote updates, status tracking, and automated fulfilment.


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