How Partnering Can Support Strategy in Asia

In February, we’ll explore how partnering can support strategy in Asia, particularly with the growth of the internet and the emergence of digital businesses.

Not only is digitalization accelerating in Asia, but issues such as growing nationalism, fast-rising local firms, greater HQ caution on international expansion, and staff shortages are forcing a rethink of strategy. We’ll focus our discussion on China, India, and Indonesia, as all three deserve global attention yet are complex environments demanding novel strategies.

Discussion will open with comments by Hellmut Schutte, Emeritus Professor of International Management at INSEAD, and member of our Forum Advisory Board. Next, Richard Martin, MD of IMA Asia, will table insights from other, recent Forum discussions, particularly those in China.

As customary, we’ll then encourage discussion around the table, to compare experiences and insights while focusing the debate on a handful of make-or-break criteria for successful partnering in Asia.


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