Strategy 22 June

Market Transformation: Strategies for Tapping Asia’s Newest Growth Driver

Asia CEO Forum members recently discussed how innovation and new business models are recasting entire industries and helping companies reach new segments of consumers. Entrepreneurs across Asia have capitalised on […]


Strategy 6 June

China’s Digital Transformation: New Solutions Are on the Horizon

The internet ecosystem that has flourished behind China’s firewall is populated by a mini-universe of consumer applications suited to the cultural and language preferences of Chinese users. At a recent […]


Strategy 24 May

Moving into China’s New Sweet Spot: The Mid-Market

With China’s mid-range segment growing faster than the upper or lower ends of the markets, a focus on the ‘sweet spot’ of the mid-tier segment – where quality, elevated pricing, […]


Strategy 18 April

Charting Strategy in the New, New China    

For years, economic growth has consistently surpassed Chinese government predictions but this time is likely to be different.   At a recent China CEO Forum meeting we were joined by […]


Strategy 13 April

The Yuan: A Leaky Balloon    

The question on the minds of China CFOs is how much further the yuan will depreciate against the US dollar?  After a decade of gains the picture is starkly different […]


Strategy 19 December

Innovating for China with Local R&D

Increasing foreign investment in local China R&D is a must; however, it must be done carefully and with eyes wide open. This was the conclusion from a recent Asia CEO […]


Strategy 14 December

China’s Millennials Need a Different Kind of Manager

Developing middle management talent for leadership positions has become a major concern – and puzzle – for MNCs.  Managers born prior to 1980 grew up in a tumultuous period when […]


Strategy 9 December

China’s Chairmen Need Successors

We have entered a period of generational change among Chinese POEs that raises the risk of doing business with these firms. The Asia CEO Forum took up the issue, with […]


Strategy 7 December

A Race to “Go Local” in China

While many MNCs selling B2B came to China following global clients, today the opportunity is to tap the potential of China’s sophisticated domestic firms and customers.   The playbook for going […]


Strategy 17 November

Digital Disruptions Take Hold in Southeast Asia

Transportation, logistics, retail and gaming are just the first industries to be hit by the rush of digital technology that has brought to the fore, fresh, ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to […]