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Asia Pacific Executive Brief – November 2017

We are lifting our forecasts again as growth continues to surprise on the upside and the outlook into 2018 is improving. Four developments account for this. 

First, years of ultra-low interest rates and quantitative easing (QE) by central banks in the US, EU, and Japan have helped households and corporates in the advanced markets repair their balance sheets and lift their demand. 

Second, China stabilised its growth and returned as a major commodity buyer, which helped other emerging markets. 

Third, we were lucky: energy prices and inflation have stayed low, and crises that might have hurt financial markets were avoided.

Finally, the net outcome is a synchronised upturn in 2017 covering the 35 advanced economies and the 10 largest emerging markets.  That contributes to the acceleration in growth and suggests the upturn will expand into 2018.

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